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Confidence Is...

Confidence Is, began as a way to counter the kind of imagery often found in American media. The project builds on this idea by creating unique perspectives of what confidence looks like. It expands on this idea by encouraging each participant to explore what confidence means to them. The project includes models from all walks of life and ideas that should be more widely represented in mainstream media. How that person identifies is an integral part of the project. Identity means something different to everyone and together, we’ll change ideas associated around gender, race, body image, and age. Everyone involved has a voice in the narrative being created. The project digs into what confidence means using an editorial approach and a high fashion aesthetic. These ideas are brought to life by makeup artists, hair stylists, and fashion consultants who are also passionate about creating change through imagery. More than 70% of the project collaborators identify as Black, Indigenous, or as a person of color, and more than 60% of those modeling identify as women, nonbinary, or two spirt. The project expands beyond creating photos, it acts as a way to inspire, educate, and empower people to embrace their own identity and look beyond what they see in others.


“My wish for you is that someday you'll wake up and feel empowered by the parts of yourself you once labeled as flawed”